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Top 5 guns

This is a sort of meme among bloggers and gun enthusiasts. I’ve covered it before elsewhere, but I’ve decided to revise my list. This is the top 5 guns you would want if you could have any gun, money not being an object. So in no particular order:

Mosin-Nagant: The M91/30 or the M44 or 38. If you’ve never owned or shot a Mosin you are truly missing out on the pure power of this (now) antique weapon. Mosin’s aren’t generally fussy if you keep them clean, they’re terrifically accurate even without a scope and deliver their load with a terrible ferocity. And they’re cheap to buy and shoot. Big plus.

Marlin 60: This is my and about a million others .22 rifle. Semi-auto, 15-18 round capacity (depending on year). You can slap a cheap scope on this rifle and be accurate with it at 200 yards –the furthest I’ve shot with it–on paper. Great game getter and a wonderful tool for learning the art of the rifle.

AK-47: When you positively need to kill everything in a 25 meter radius in a few seconds. My spotter is a big fan of his M4 and a lot of my friends extol the virtues of the AR platform and I won’t deny that Eugene Stoner’s baby has been in my hands as well. However, when it comes to ease of operation in multiple¬†environments Mikhail Kalashnikov’s 60+ year old design¬†has pretty much everything beat hands down. The 7.62×39 round is a more effective man-stopper than the NATO 5.56×45 and like it’s cousin the Mosin-Nagant, the AK is not particularly fussy about what you feed it.

.357 Revolver: Pretty much any make. This is my preferred side arm. Never had a malfunction and if you practice your loading you can shoot about as quickly as an semi-auto plastic pistol out there. Bonus to the .357 : will fire the cheaper .38 special cartridge for target shooting/range time. Also the .357 in a hollow point has a Hel of a lot of stopping power.

GAU-8 Avenger: Because no one said I have to be able to carry the gun. The GAU-8 is a 30mm Gatling-style weapon typically mounted to the A-10 airframe capable of putting over 4000 rounds on target in one minute. The sound alone is enough to inspire fear and the sheer destruction this weapon brings is truly awesome to behold.